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Three disinfection points were placed at Schiphol Airport, where travelers can disinfect their personal belongings. The airport is making the service available for departing, arriving and transferring passengers, and is for use with mostly smaller items like phones, tablets, keys and passports.

"The Sanitising Service consists of four sections: in each section, passengers can disinfect their hands, clean items with moist wipes and use hand cream. There is also a place where passengers can disinfect their personal belongings using UV-C light and an area specially equipped for families," the airport said in a statement. "The family area makes it easy for parents and children to use the service, as it has been specially adapted in height and made appealing to children."

Schiphol said its disinfecting hand gel was made from Dutch tulip bulbs which are too small for cultivation, and thus was more sustainable than other disinfectants. The ultraviolet devices were also manufactured in the Netherlands.

"The Sanitising Service is a unique concept at our airport which pays additional attention to the group of passengers who feel the need to disinfect themselves and their personal belongings," Schiphol said. Over 500 hand sanitizers have already been installed throughout the airport.

The sanitation stations were placed at Schiphol Plaza, in Lounge 2, and also between Arrivals 3 and 4.

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