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Full list of all coronavirus lockdown restrictions as of Jan. 22

The Netherlands and the rest of the world are very concerned about new variants of the coronavirus popping up, with new strains spreading like wildfire through the United Kingdom, South Africa and South America. With that in mind, the departing Rutte III cabinet announced extra measures in the fight against this pandemic on Wednesday.

The Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Dutch parliament, approved plans for a curfew on Thursday evening. With that, the coronavirus restrictions now in place look as such:


A curfew will apply in the Netherlands from Saturday, January 23 to at least Tuesday, February 9. Between these dates, Netherlands residents will not be allowed to leave their homes between 9:00 p.m. and 4:30 a.m. with the following exceptions:

  • In the event of an emergency
  • If you, another person, or an animal are in urgent need of aid
  • If your employer tells you to leave the home for work
  • If you are traveling abroad or to the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom, or returning to the Netherlands
  • If you are on the way to a funeral and can prove it
  • If you are responding to a summons from a court or prosecutor and can prove it
  • If you are on the way to write a test or exam in MBO, HBO or WO and can prove it
  • If you are taking your leashed dog out to relieve itself - only one person at a time
  • If you were invited to appear on a live-evening program and can show the invitation from the broadcaster. 

People who have to go outside during curfew need to take a "self-declaration curfew" form with them, stating the reason they are ignoring curfew. That form can be downloaded here. People breaking curfew for work need a statement from their employer explaining why. The employer declaration can be downloaded here. Those violating the curfew rules will be fined 95 euros.  

Retail, gyms and services

  • All non-essential stores will remain closed.
  • Essential stores include supermarkets, auto mechanics, bakeries, banks, bodegas, business-to-business wholesalers, butchers, consumer goods repair shops, drug stores, dry cleaners, eye and ear care centers, fish shops, flower stands, laundromats, liquor stores, pet shops, petrol stations and their shops, pharmacies, postal service points, and shops at filling stations.
  • Amusement parks, casinos, cinemas, museums, theaters, sex shows and zoos will be closed.
  • Close-contact professional services, like beauticians, hairdressers, sex workers and some massage providers will be closed.
  • Healthcare providers, including dentists, eye care providers, midwives, optometrists, and physiotherapists will be allowed to remain open.
  • Gyms, swimming pools, and saunas will be closed.
  • DIY shops will be allowed to distribute goods to customers who order online for pick-up.
  • Libraries will be allowed to stay open for the collection or return of books and media.
  • Local community centers will remain open for vulnerable people.

Education and Childcare

  • Primary schools and secondary schools will be closed to in-person education. Online education will be offered in its place.
  • Exceptions to school closings include the children whose parents work in a vital profession, and students in their pre-exam or exam year.
  • Daycare facilities will be closed. Childcare will be available for children whose parents work in a vital profession and children in a more vulnerable position.
  • Higher education facilities will be closed, with classes moving online.
  • Vocational education and trade schools will largely remain open.

At Home

  • Households will be allowed to welcome a maximum of one guest aged 13 and over.
  • Children aged 12 and below are exempted from the household guest limit.
  • Citizens can only visit one household per day
  • Stay home as much as possible - only go outside for groceries, medical care for yourself, others or animals, to get some fresh air, and for education or work if it is absolutely necessary
  • Work from home unless your job requires your physical presence - "Bus drivers can go in to work, office workers work from home."
  • Religious facilities and houses of worship will remain open.

Outside and travel

  • Only go outside with members of your household or with one person not from your household
  • Public transport can be used only for absolutely necessary travel
  • Work from home unless your job requires your physical presence - "Bus drivers can go in to work, office workers work from home."
  • Funerals are limited to no more than 50 attendees, effective from Monday, January 25
  • Urgent advice to not travel abroad until March 31 unless absolutely necessary, for example for family emergency or work that can't be postponed and absolutely needs your physical presence
  • Flights and ferries to and from the United Kingdom are banned for the at least a month, starting at 00:01 a.m. on January 23
  • Flights to and from South Africa and all countries in South America are banned for at least a month, starting at 00:01 a.m. on January 23
  • Travelers from non-EU countries are banned from entering the Netherlands, with exceptions made for healthcare workers, professional athletes, diplomats, journalists, and long-distance relationship partners, starting at 00:01 a.m. on January 23 
  • Travelers from Covid-19 hotspots must undergo a rapid coronavirus test, and test negative, before getting on the plane, starting at 00:01 a.m. on January 23

Hotels, hospitality and coffeeshops

  • Hotels will remain open. Food and beverage service, including room service, will no longer be allowed.
  • Bars, cafes and restaurants will remain closed, as they have since mid-October.
  • Bars, cafes and restaurants will be allowed to continue serving takeaway clientele.
  • Coffeeshops will also be allowed to sell their products to takeaway clientele.

Sport and fitness

  • Gyms, swimming pools, and saunas will be closed as will all other indoor sports facilities.
  • Outdoor sports is allowed in groups of no more than two people at a distance of 1.5 meters apart.
  • Kids up to the age of 17 are allowed to exercise in teams, and can play matches, but only outside
  • Team trainings and intra-squad competitions are no longer allowed.
  • Outdoor sports venues may remain open for people under the age of 18.
  • Elite professional sports competitions including the Eredivisie football matches, will be allowed to continue.

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