Virtual Tour to Museums in Indonesia (5)

National Museum, Jakarta:

The National Museum of Indonesia, is an archeological, histotical, ethnological, and geographical museum.

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Maritime Museum, Jakarta:

The museum focuses on the maritime history of Indonesia and the importance of the sea to the economy of present-day Indonesia. The Museum displays photographs of port and marine affairs from 1850 after the industrial revolotion to 2018

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Asian-African Museum, Bandung:

The museum collects, manages, and presnts the public all the books, magazines, newspaper, other publications, and documents containing details and information on the activities, role, and social culture of Asian African nations and developing countries in the international life and political platform

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Presidential Museum Balai Kirti, Bogor:

The Indonesian Presidential Museum balai Kirti functions as a recreational and educational venchile to obtain information from memorabilia and visual presentation from the Presidents of Indonesia. Visitor can appreciate, and emulate the steps and achievements that have been achieved by each President of the Repubic of Indonesia during his service period.

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