The Traditional Indonesian Musical Instruments - 2


Angklung is a trational musical instrument made from bamboo. The way to play it is by shaking it. Not only fampus in Indonesia, angklung is also well knows abroad, even UNESCO has recognized that angklung is one of Indonesia’s heritage.


Gamelan comes from Central Java and consists of various types of musical instrumens, namely drums, gangsa, gender, bonang, gong, saron, and others. Because of its popularity, saveral schools in the US, UK, Canada and Australia include gamelan as one of the curriculum in schools.


Have you ever heard of Sasando?

This musical instrument comes from Rote Island, located in East nusa Tenggara. The way to play it is plucket like guitar.


Tifa is one of the traditional musical instruments from Papua. The shape resembles a drum, then the top is usually covered by skin and when we tap it will produce a sound. Tifa is one of the souvenirs favored by tourists.

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