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The Culinary Variety of Indonesian Satay - 2

Sate Madura (Madura Satay)

Madura satay is the most common variant of chicken satay in Indonesia. The sweet savoury peanut sauce adds to its deliciousness. Madura satay is usually served with small slices of chilli, shallots, and lontong (rice cake) or rice.

Sate Padang (Padang-style Satay)

Originating from Padang, West Sumatra, this satay variant that has a distinctive taste. It is commonly made from beef, beef tongue, and beef innards which are skewered and seasoned before being griller. Padang-style satay is served with aromatic curt-like sauce and spicy Padang Balado chips.

Sate Lilit (Minced Meat Satay)

Minced meat satay is one of the signature dishes of Bali Island. In contrast to other satay variants, the meat on the satay is mixed with grated coconut, coconut milk, lime, and other spices before wrapped around lemongrass stalk. Minced meat satay is one the favourited food for foreign tourist visiting Bali.

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