Desa Devisa Program - 1

(Foreign Exchange Village)

Boosting the export of regional superior commodities in Indonesia

The Desa Devisa Program aims to improve the capacity of local communities and develop villages’ superior commodities. This program also encourages the participation of rulal communities in the global export chain, so they can generate foreign exchange and contribute to the country through export activities.

To date, the government has extablished two Desa Devisa, namely Desa Devisa Kokoa in Jembrana, Bali with fermented cocoa beans as its superior commodity and Desa Devisa Kerajinan in Bantul, Yogyakarta with its environmentally friendly handycraft products.

The two villages have received various training and continuous assistance to improve their product quality, production capacity, human resource development, and also to obtain certification in order to increase the commodities’ selling prices so as to boost their export activities.

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